TechUncovered: IT Security and Compliance 2023

Join us as we continue with our awesome #TechUncovered series! For our 11th edition, we are putting the focus on IT Security, Compliance, and why you should care about it.You can meet us in person or follow online our dynamic discussion on the following topics:

💬 Becoming a „corporate“ and what does that mean

💬 Business value of the company security

💬 The role of the ITS, the common problems, and peers?

💬 The importance of the boring stuff and implementing a zero-trust security model

💬 In-house vs. third-party ITS asset

… and much much more!

Our panelists will compare different experiences in a panel discussion that promises to be exciting and educational, leaving you with first-hand experience you can implement in your future endeavors!

Jan Meissner, Community Manager @ Mews

Irena Poncar, Information Security Officer @ Ataccama
Jan Tauš, Director of IT and Security @ Mews
Edouard Pernot, Senior Security Engineer @ Pure Storage